Update 07/28/2007: Upload form for LOTROMap

Update 07/24/2007: MMORPG Video Section added

Update 02/07/2007: Add-on presentations at the World of Warcraft section

Relaunch of www.venom.de

Ok, it's ready now. After some years i finally decided to clean up this site.
The design has grown up a bit, many things that didn't work anymore have gone, were created new or are still waiting to be updated.
Some things will never return again, because there are better replacements in the web now. Who needs an incomplete rsum of Perry Rhodan sequels if you can find great wikis about this out there?

What brings the future? First of all i plan to fill my new mmorpg-section with material. I will also continue to bring back some of the old stuff of this page.
In the future i also will play a bit with PhP and create the possibility to add comments to certain pages and i will add a guest book.

Well, you see it could be worth to check this page from time to time ;)

Venom - Karlsruhe, 3th of  january 2009